Friday, March 4, 2011

Packing Preparation and Phone Plans

Leaving in a little more than a couple weeks frequently makes me mull over my packing. Ideally, I'll bring only one checked-in luggage and bring my messenger bag; but the list looks overwhelming. I tentatively plan to pack the following:

  •  T-Shirts
  • Oxford Shirts (x3 blue; x2 white)
  • Pants (x1 brushed khakis; x2 corduroys; x2 jeans)
  • Suit (x1 blue; x1 gray)
  • Ties (x3 gold; x1 blue)
  • Sweaters (x1 heather charcoal gray; x1 plum)
  • Jacket (x1 blue; x1 gray)
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • Watch
  • Pom Pom Hat
  • Jogging Shirt (x1 blue; x1 gray)
  • Jogging Pants (x1 black; x1 gray)
  • Gloves
  • Pajamas
  • Boxers 
  • Swim Trunks
  • Gillette Deodorant (x6)
  • Electric Toothbrush (x1)
  • Sensodyne Toothpaste (x pack)
  • Listerine (x pack)
  • Pepto Bismal(x lol idk)
  • Nail Clipper (x1)
  • Floss Wands (x pack)
  • Poker Chips
  • Bible
  • Batteries
  • Caribiner (x2)
  • Casino Playing Cards
  • Collapsible Pull Up Bar 
  • American Flag
  • USA Map
  • State Map
  • Family Photos 
  • Photos Around Town
  • Batman Plushie
  • Eye glasses x2
Japanese Reference

Anyway, I have been researching iPhone 4 offerings and plans in Japan. I plan on getting an iPhone 4 largely for its camera, GPS, and video conferencing with friends and family. SoftBank solely sells iPhones in Japan. iPhone 4 go for $500 and $624 (16g and 32g respectively). The price more than doubles US offerings of $199 and $299. SoftBank offers a monthly bill discount of 1920¥ ($23) in the 32g unlimited 24month data plan (the value plan) to "defray" the initial phone costs. According to the previously linked article, the money saved over 24 months with the discounted data plan amounts to 46080¥ ($559): the article argues that in a sense, a person effectively pays $125 for the iPhone4 32g. Still, this is a suspect suggestion because over the course of 24 months, a person still must pay the $30 data/calling plan. So, $30x24months=$720 after 24 months. Then, $720+$624 (iPhone 32g)=$1344. Very pricey. Still, compared to the US offering of $299 32g for $114 (AT&T 4g data plan and unlimited calling): $114x24months=$2736. $2736+$229 (iPhone 32g)= $2965. Much pricier.

As an aside, avoid T1/Mcall providers. An ALT friend relayed how many other ALTS found themselves wanting out and hit with a weighty cancellation fee. 

The packing list and the number crunching makes me appreciate just how difficult and expensive immigration is. Much respect and admiration to my parents and the many unsung immigrants past and present.


  1. Jed...Jaze here, why are you only bringing one Asics shoe?!? Have you lost a foot? Do you find yourself so daunted by the Japanese shoe-removal culture that you can only make the transition if the action isn't doubled in intensity? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE ONE SHOE?!?!?

    Oh, and hi!

  2. LOL

    Silver! :D

    Great to hear from you!

    Duh. Japanese shoe-removing culture proves arduous and fatal. I'd really rather risk the 50% mortality rate with the one shoe.

    Please give my regards to El Ammon! And please keep me posted on both you two's goings-on!