Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Captain's Log: 3000.6 (part the 2)

Previously on Dexter


October 16th 2010 (Part the 2). Anyway, the presentations briskly proceeded.  If I correctly recall, the presentation part lasted for an hour or so because our orientation only had eight applicants. After the last person finished, our recruiter convened for break asking every individual applicant to come back later for personal interviews--part three. The recruiter slotted me for 2:45 pm, so a bunch of us hopefuls decided to eat out while waiting. Between sobs and slurps, we vented over our perceived failures: "Oh, I failed the grammar test", "Oh, I didn't smile enough", and the occasional "SHIT".  Oh I forgot to mention that the recruiter gave us Myers-Briggs questionnaires to complete before our personal interviews. So, on top of sobbing and swearing, we  worked on our questionnaires. We played a sort of mind game with the questionnaires, trying to psych out the piece of paper with answers we thought THEY wanted us to answer: eg. one girl purposefully answering affirmative to all the obviously extrovert questions but always marking  a few introvert answers to not appear "too gregarious". Anyway after an hour or so, we headed back to the information session and waited. Eventually my interview came up and we exchanged goodbyes. Now, the personal interview was surprisingly chill. The recruiter asked "why Japan?", "Are you holistically prepared?", and other standard HR questions; but more often than not, she and I found ourselves loudly laughing. */sigh* typing tires me. /cop out. Fast forward ten days and Interac sent me an email congratulating me and wishing to hire me.

Late October 2010-Today, Now, This Moment. After restlessly waiting a good 5 months, I now find myself 19 days away from leaving for Japan. Anxiety often grips me. Still I sometime surprise myself, girding up courage not unlike a salty whaling captain in tumult-tossed sea legless-ly steering into a volcano. The following are the confirmed aspects of my assignment:

Placement: Futtsu-shi elementary schools
Accommodation: neighboring Kimitsu-shi; LeoPalace apartment
Driving: Yes
Start: April 1st

I am very stoked about my placement. I live near the countryside; Tokyo (wary I am to visit it) is a hop, skip, and a jump away; and the beaches! As much as I admire/love the Nevada desert crapshoot climate, I relish the idea of lazily sunbathing or clam digging weekends.

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